Dried Cardoon Leaves
pen and ink


Throughout my artistic career, the themes of natural erosion, abandonment or deliberate destruction have fascinated me. In the natural landscape, subjects such as flotsam found on a beach, broken footbridges, trees uprooted by storms and landslides are the physical evidence of energetic, violent activity from natural forces, and yet what often remains is fragile and beautiful in an unexpected way. What happens to man made, functional things over time continually intrigues me. I might come upon things on walks in Dorset, such as rusting cars in fields or twisted gnarled old trees, a demolished building, or giant rusting mining machinery in Cornwall, or even an abandoned burnt out car left for days at the side of a road in Surrey. These subjects have their own eerie mood, evoking memories, the passage of time and inevitable feelings of transience and loss.

My preferred media are drawing and printmaking. The unique characteristics of etching, drypoint and linocut can be used to exploit the patterned and textural richness of my chosen subjects. I work from drawings and watercolours made in situ, with photographic references where necessary. I have recently started making handmade paper on which to print, and this has revealed exciting possibilities of ‘conversations’ between the prepared surface and the image itself.

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